Oh look! I release things sometimes.


Yo, peeps. I rise from my glitter and wrapping paper filled hell to bring you all an early holiday gift. You all seemed to like Cafe Cafe quite a bit so here we have chapter 2!

Cafe Cafe Chapter 2 –

And a quick rambling since I know you all love to hear me talk… or is that just me… ANYWHO! A lot of peeps have been asking me about some of our other older series. Mostly Dadadadan and Lizard. Sadly my lovely head translator has been sick lately thus no Lizard. Send her lots of love and wishes so she gets better soon! And we are working on Dadadadan, I promise. I could really use a dedicated skilled cleaner for it. It’s a doosy. I have lost a LOT of staff on it. Give me a holler at madhatterscans@gmail.com if you can help out.

And finally. I really hate asking for donations. But I am I pulled pretty thin lately. And with the Holidays being over in two weeks I plan to start cranking a bunch of stuff for you peeps. Thus I would like to buy some new doujinshi and Dadadadan raws. If ya’ll feeling the holday cheer you can drop by the donation page.

That is all. Enjoy your Christmas or whatever~

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