Another little chapter of Frozen Apple for you all! More hijinks ensue!

We’re also getting a bit low on translators and typesetters again. As well as looks for fans of the old school for a huge Tezuka Osamu collection we’ve gathered. Drop me a line over at madhatterscans@gmail.com if you can help!

Frozen Apple Chapter 6 -

Who doesn’t love pirates?

After much waiting, we finally unveil a new series that I’ve been wanting to work on for ages! I’m so excited guys. I really love this series.

Introducing Tramp. Glorious pirate action ahoy! We needed some shounen up in here. Everything was getting a bit rose-colored. enjoy~

Tramp Chapter 1 –

Happy New Years~

We made it through another year. And good bloody riddance to 2014. This was a wild year for the group and team. But through all the doujinshi chaos, random hiatuses, and disappearing staff we rise again to a new year.

We can’t be more appreciative of you peeps. To the guys that never fail to comment on every post, our donaters that keep us afloat, to all you crazy kids on tumblr that stood by us when the fandom tried to eat me and Tori. Even you silent leechers. You’re all awesome! And from Zippy, Tori, Kai and the entire team. We thank you and hope for a great time in 2015!

But enough sappy rambling, have a Alice doujinshi to kick off the new year! =D

Alice in the Country of Dia Fanbook ch2 - Jericho

Jingle all the waaayyy~

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us from Mad Hatter Scans! Let’s start off our merry way with two chapters of Cafe Cafe!

Cafe Cafe Chapter 4 – Download

Cafe Cafe Chapter 5 – Download

And nothing says Holiday Cheer like a 3-way~ Another DJ for our Alice peeps!

J Scramble A – Download

But it wouldn’t be us as Mad Hatter without some begging~ We’re still looking for typesetters and translators. Our little group is down to just a couple us right now. ^-^;;


Happy Halloween my peeps! And what better way to celebrate then with our fun Halloween Town! I would say more, but I’m still sick as a dog. So go enjoy your mango and stuff. Yay!

Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 13 –Download

Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 14 –Download

Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 15 –Download