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Escaping from the summer madness to toss you guys another quick doujinshi! This finishes up our Komidori collection. It’s super cute! Go read it. lol

Quick shout to ya’ll. We’re a bit low on funds right now. I got a couple volumes we would like to pick up for the group. I don’t like asking for donations so we’re selling a couple DJ and some random games and crap over on my Ebay and me and Tori always have stuff over on our Etsy. Give it a look-see if you don’t mind. ^_^

Be enough of my ramblings. Go read you mangos!

Snow White - Download

Another new series! …Don’t look at me like that.

I’m going to be more or less gone for the next two weeks. What can I say, working the summer festivals in a tourist town tends to keep you pretty swamped. But before I vanish into my carnival food and suntan lotioned hell, have an adorable new series! And not just one chapter… but two! It’s super cute! I hope you all have a great summer and holidays whatever they may be! I’ll smell ya all later~

(shout out to the new peeps who joined! And to my oldy moldy staffers~ Stay snazzy guys!)

Frozen Apple Chapter 1 –

Frozen Apple Chapter 2 -

Another DJ~

Please DO NOT upload our doujinshi releases to site such as mangaupdates, mangahelpers, batoto, or any other online reader sites. I will pull all our DJ releases if I see this happening.
If you peeps watch our tumblr then you should have an idea about what’s going down in the doujinshi community. As per the wishes to indie-published doujinshi-ka we are no longer going to scan and release doujinshi of any kind anymore. We will release the few we have translations and work done on, but we are dropping the rest of our collection. We hope others will do the same. Please support the doujinshi-ka if you have the chance!

Here is one of our last. This finishes up our East Castle collection. Enjoy~

Snow Crystal -Download

The end is here! For real this time…

After many false starts, we have finally made it to the end of Mist Cage. It was fun! And we can’t wait for Chisato’s next series. =D

And if you love Chisato as much as me, please support her and buy your own copy of the raws. Both volumes have just been released. You can buy them here! Volume 1 and Volume 2!

Quick shout out to all the new staff that joined in out time of need. You guys are awesome and saving my butt! lol

The Magican and the Princess of the Mist Cage Chapter 9 -Download

All the DJ!

Got some more Julius/Alice/Ace DJ for you all. Enjoy these dorks.

Julius Download

Just a quick thing peeps. Please DO NOT upload our doujinshi releases onto Manga-Updates. I’m trying very hard to keep our DJ off of place like mangafox, due to some issues in the DJ community.

What is this madness!

Two releases within a week! It’s almost like we know what we’re doing around here! New release schedule will hopefully be one of our main series every Monday and a DJ, anthology, or CD every Tuesday. Give or take depending if I have anything ready. (this still us, or me… mostly me we’re talking about here…) But to pull off this glorious thing, I really need more staff. Mostly typesetters, I’m the only one right now and I am getting swamped. Also looking for translators to revive a couple of our forgotten series. Including some Josei stuff, so if you like a more mature flair give us a holler at madhatterscans@gmail.com!

But enough of my rambling~ Have some Wizard and the Master dj. It’s super cute!

On Rainy Days (Wizard and the Master) – Download