Happy Halloween my peeps! And what better way to celebrate then with our fun Halloween Town! I would say more, but I’m still sick as a dog. So go enjoy your mango and stuff. Yay!

Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 13 –Download

Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 14 –Download

Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 15 –Download

It lives again! Kinda…

Hey peeps! Sorry for the silence all month, I’ve been sick pretty much the entirety of August. Not fun, not fun. But I’m kinda back and with Black Lizard Bitter Taste! That is also kinda back, we got a translator (thanks Voca!) but we still need a good typesetter. Really, we need typesetters for everything. Give me a yell if you can help at madhatterscans@gmail.com!

Also! I don’t like asking for donations so if you may check out Etsy link me and Tori are always tossing random stuff on there. I’ll be doing a Dadadadan order soon. The series just finished up so I want to snag all the volumes, so hopefully we can speed up it’s release rate. Always appreciated, peeps!

Chapter 7 -

look a title thing

Escaping from the summer madness to toss you guys another quick doujinshi! This finishes up our Komidori collection. It’s super cute! Go read it. lol

Quick shout to ya’ll. We’re a bit low on funds right now. I got a couple volumes we would like to pick up for the group. I don’t like asking for donations so we’re selling a couple DJ and some random games and crap over on my Ebay and me and Tori always have stuff over on our Etsy. Give it a look-see if you don’t mind. ^_^

Be enough of my ramblings. Go read you mangos!

Snow White - Download