Happy 3rd B-day!


Well folks, it might be a little late all around and even a day late by an hour or two in some places, but we’re pretty sure you’ll still like our 3rd birthday project! It’s not one chapter, not two: it’s a whole volume, the third volume of Black Lizard, Bitter Taste! This concludes the trilogy after waaaaay too long (-sweat-) and is our traditional birthday gift to everyone. No need to lengthen this speech any more, go pick up where that last cliffhanger left off and enjoy! – Tori

(zippy- Thanks to Tori and Voca for their late night typesetting! You guys are awesome! And thanks to all you awesome fans for sticking with us so long. You’re awesome too! Now I need to go to bed now.)

Chapter 9 –Download

Chapter 10 –Download

Chapter 11 –Download

Chapter 12 –Download

Chapter 12.5 –Download

Sexy Lizards Everywhere

Got a snazzy Lizard chapter for ya’ll today! This finishes up volume 2! We’re getting closer guys, just one more volume to go. =D Enjoy~

Black Lizard Bitter Tast Extra –

I’m still the only typesetter. Give me a yell at madhatterscans@gmail.com if you can help. Always looking for translators as well!

Look, another new thing!

Greetings my peeps! I’m to tired to say anything clever tonight so I’m just going to toss this here for you all. Enjoy~

SakuLove Chapter 1 –

And since I forgot. I’m the only steady typesetter left in the group so I’m really in need for some help. Must have photoshop! Give me a yell at madhatterscans@gmail.com if you can help!

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentines Day peeps! Just a little doujinshi for all you peeps. I was trying to do double release today but I dropped the ball. Sorry guys, real life is kicking my ass right now. Thanks to Voca and Oujo for kicking this chapter out!

Back at the Castle of Hearts (Alice x Heart Castle) – Download