Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

Yooo crazy man! We’re two years old now. Kinda hard to believe we’re still alive… kinda alive. Zombie mad hatter… yeahh… But yo, thanks to all the peeps and staff that stuck around all this time and I hope you new peeps enjoy the ride. It’s been a snazzy year and I hope year three is just as good!

Also, I’m still looking for translators and typesetters! Drop me a line at madhatterscans@mail.com if ya like.

But onto releases! First up we have some Blood DJ, since I’m feeling kind today.


And since I have no self control here is the first chapter of Hoshi o Ou Komodo! I love this series guys. Like really loveee.

Hoshi o Ou Komodo ch1

Who wants some more fluffy doujinshi? Well, I got a adorable one today. Fluff all around.

But real quick, before you run off to your mangos. Need to do some quick begging. All but three members of my staff have vanished into the void. I’m okay with cleaners, but I really need one or two TYPESETTERS, and as many TRANSLATORS willing to help out. I have a couple more things in my QC but after that I’m kinda stuck. Email me at madhatterscans@gmail.com if you are willing to toss a hand!

The Reason I am in this World -Download


Yooooo peeps! Look what I finally released! I’m on a roll this month. Must be all the school I’m trying not to do. I get a lot done during those times. But yaaaar. Go read your mangas. I’m going to stare at my fridge in till someone cooks something for me in fear I will attempt to cook something and burn the house down. =D

Magician & Princess of the Mist Cage Chapter 7 -Download


So I was going to be all snazzy and QC and bunch of stuff and typeset things. But then I realized that I had a finished chapter just sitting around that I thought I released months ago. No seriously, I just spent 15 minutes going through old posts because I could swear I released this already. Apparently it was all a deranged fever dream. This is what scanlating does to your mind. You should all join me. =D

But I’m rambling and know most of you skipped this and went right to the download link. Well, no pizza for you. I’m going to eat an entire box myself. Ahaha!

The Children Complain (Twins x Alice) – Download

Site updating~

Yo my peeps. Just a heads up that I am doing some revamping of the site and whatnot so there are probably going to be some broken pages around here. It should all be up and good in a day or two, but let me know if things get really messed up.

Happy New Years and news and whatnot

Hey peeps hope you all had a snazzy new year and hope a good intro into 2014. Sadly I did not and due to what has happened to me and my family I am going to have to cut “12 days of manga” short. I just can’t get stuff ready to finish it. Sorry mates. But fear not! I have revived my staff and we are back in action for 2014~ Quick shout out that I do need Cleaners and Editors. I have none right now. Also on the look out for some translators to work on doujinshi and some new fantasy shoujo / shounen series I would like to pick up. I’m glad you peeps have stuck around with us this long and I hope to see you guys through 2014! Zippy~

Week of Holiday Cheer (and alcohol)

Holly crap it’s Christmas!? You all know what that means. I’M FREE FROM MY GLITTERING WRAPPING PAPERED RETAIL HELL! WOOOO! And for all of you peeps, that means I can scan all the things again. Now, I was going to attempt to do a 12 days of Christmas thing. But I’m lazy and not sure I have enough things for you all. So I’m going start off with a week of releases! I’ll see if my staff is still alive and maybe get a couple extra things for ya’ll. So sends lots of love so I can feed it to my peeps so they can work on things again! And Merry whatever you do and save me some spiked eggnog!

Quick pimp for our other sites for stalking~ Twitter and Tumblr

On the first day of Christmas The Deer Lord gave to me~
Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 9 -Download

On the second day of Christmas The Deer Lord gave to me~
Poromeria -Download

On the third day of Christmas The Deer Lord gave to me~
Hiiro Ouji Chapter 15 -Download

On the fourth day of Christmas The Deer Lord gave to me~
Hiiro Ouji Chapter Extra-Download

On the fifth day of Christmas The Deer Lord gave to me~
Halloween Town – Party Time! Chapter 10 –Download

On the sixth day of Christmas The Deer Lord gave to me~
Dream’s a Dream –East Castle doujin- Download

Oh look! I release things sometimes.


Yo, peeps. I rise from my glitter and wrapping paper filled hell to bring you all an early holiday gift. You all seemed to like Cafe Cafe quite a bit so here we have chapter 2!

Cafe Cafe Chapter 2 -

And a quick rambling since I know you all love to hear me talk… or is that just me… ANYWHO! A lot of peeps have been asking me about some of our other older series. Mostly Dadadadan and Lizard. Sadly my lovely head translator has been sick lately thus no Lizard. Send her lots of love and wishes so she gets better soon! And we are working on Dadadadan, I promise. I could really use a dedicated skilled cleaner for it. It’s a doosy. I have lost a LOT of staff on it. Give me a holler at madhatterscans@gmail.com if you can help out.

And finally. I really hate asking for donations. But I am I pulled pretty thin lately. And with the Holidays being over in two weeks I plan to start cranking a bunch of stuff for you peeps. Thus I would like to buy some new doujinshi and Dadadadan raws. If ya’ll feeling the holday cheer you can drop by the donation page.

That is all. Enjoy your Christmas or whatever~